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Asian Chess Events

Introduction :

Asian chess tournaments serve as melting pots of culture and intellect, celebrating the art of strategy and promoting the ancient game’s continued popularity. From the fierce competition in the Asian Chess Championship to the nurturing of young talents in the ASEAN Age-Group Chess Championships, these events showcase the diversity and richness of Asian chess. Chess enthusiasts, players, and spectators alike eagerly anticipate these tournaments, eagerly awaiting the next display of brilliance on the board.

Asian Chess Championship:

The Asian Chess Championship is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the continent, organized by the Asian Chess Federation (ACF). Held annually, this championship attracts top players from across Asia, including grandmasters and aspiring talents.

ASEAN Age-Group Chess Championships:

The ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships is an important platform for young chess prodigies in Asia. Hosted annually, this tournament is open to players from ASEAN member countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and other neighboring countries. It features age-specific categories, from under-8 to under-20, ensuring a level playing field for participants.

Asian Schools Chess Championship:

The Asian Schools Chess Championship is dedicated to young chess players who are currently enrolled in schools. Students from different Asian countries compete for individual and team honors, representing their educational institutions.

Bangkok Chess Club Open:

The Bangkok Chess Club Open is a renowned international chess tournament held annually in Thailand. While not limited to Asian players, the event attracts a substantial number of participants from various Asian countries.

Dubai Open Chess Tournament:

Though geographically in West Asia, the Dubai Open Chess Tournament is an international event that attracts players from Asia and beyond. Held in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the tournament boasts a strong field of participants.

Dubai Police Global Chess Challenge

Chess Tournament in Dubai, UAE

03rd May TO 013th May 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund:   $1,25,000/

Venue : Dubai, UAE

Western Asia Youth Chess Championship 2024

Chess Tournament in Colombo, Sri Lanka


Total Cash Prize Fund:  

Venue : Colombo, Sri Lanka

Asian Youth Chess Championship 2024

Chess Tournament in Almaty, Kazakhstan

07th June TO 19th June 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund:  

Venue : Almaty, Kazakhstan

Asian Seniors 50+ and 65+ 
Chess Championships 2024

Chess Tournament in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

01st July TO 10th July 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund:  

Venue : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Central Asia Youth U8-U16 
Chess Championship 2024

Chess Tournament in Korumdu, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

10th August TO 18th August 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund:  $14,000/-

Venue : Korumdu, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Asian Juniors and Girls 
Chess Championships 2024

Chess Tournament in Tagaytay, Philippines

02nd November TO 10th November 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: 

Venue : Tagaytay, Philippines

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