Welcome to our Chess Events Photo Gallery!
In this blog we invite you to explore a captivating collection of images that showcase the vibrant world of chess events. From international tournaments to local competitions and community gatherings these photographs capture the excitement and passion that surround the game of chess.
The gallery also captures the diverse faces and stories of chess enthusiasts who come together to celebrate the game. Whether it’s a local club championship or a grassroots chess festival the images showcase players of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels engaging in friendly competition. Sharing their knowledge, and fostering a sense of community.
Furthermore the gallery showcases moments of celebration and triumph. The sheer joy on the faces of winners and the pride in receiving trophies and medals create a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that resonates throughout the chess community.
Our Chess Events Photo Gallery offers a visual journey that captures the spirit of chess events worldwide. So, immerse yourself in the images, feel the excitement and let the passion for chess inspire you.
SLAN Below 1600- Winner - Shubham Kumar (BR)
JK's Pune Rapid Winner-GM Mitrabha Guha
SLAN Open-2023 Top 3-Anadkat-Anuj-Ramnathan
Raisoni Open FIDE Rating- Winner Kartik Kumar
Team Championship 2023 - U 12 Winner- Velammal MHS Chennai
Lakecity Tournament Hall
SLAN Below 1600 - Top 3-Shubham (BR), Yashvi (TG), Sathwik (AP)
SLAN Open-2023 Winner-Anadkat, Kartavya (GJ)
National Women Champion -2023 -IM Padmini, Rout
MCF-2023 BELOW 1600-TOP 2
Team Championship U-12 & U-18-Puducherry
IM Chakravarthi Reddy M vs Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri -Lakecity
Lakecity Tournament Hall
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