Jharkhand Chess Tournament

Jharkhand Chess Tournament

Upcoming Chess Tournament in the Jharkhand - 2024


Chess, often hailed as the “game of kings,” has captured the imagination of millions worldwide. In India, chess has deep roots and a rich history, with several states making significant contributions to the game’s growth. One such state is Jharkhand, located in eastern India.

Chess in Jharkhand:

In the eastern state of Jharkhand, India, chess has gained immense popularity and has become a significant part of the cultural and sporting landscape. With a rich history and a growing community of chess enthusiasts, Jharkhand has emerged as a hub for chess players, fostering talent and nurturing the game at various levels. 

Chess has been played in Jharkhand for many years, gaining popularity as both a recreational activity and a competitive sport. Chess clubs and training centers have sprouted across the state, nurturing the growth of talented chess players at various levels. The Jharkhand Chess Association (JCA) plays a pivotal role in organizing tournaments, coaching camps, and promoting chess awareness.

Jharkhand Chess Association (JCA):

The Jharkhand Chess Association is the governing body for chess in the state. Established with the aim of developing and promoting chess, the JCA conducts regular tournaments and events for players of all ages and skill levels. It is affiliated with the All India Chess Federation (AICF). And is responsible for organizing chess tournaments and events and selecting players for state and national-level competitions.

Chess Achievements:

Jharkhand has produced several talented chess players who have made their mark on the national and international chess scene. Noteworthy achievements by players from Jharkhand include participation in prestigious tournaments, winning national titles, and representing India at various international events. These achievements showcase the depth of talent and dedication present within the state.

Chess Tournaments and Events:

Jharkhand hosts a range of chess tournaments and events throughout the year. From district-level championships to state-level competitions, these events provide platforms for players to showcase their skills and compete against their peers. The state also organizes open tournaments and invites players from across the country to foster healthy competition and exchange of ideas.

Future Prospects and Challenges:

While Jharkhand has made significant strides in chess, there are still challenges to overcome. Expanding chess infrastructure, reaching remote areas, and promoting chess at the grassroots level are crucial for further development. Additionally, support from the government, corporate entities, and the community can play a pivotal role in creating a thriving chess ecosystem in Jharkhand.

3rd Dumka All India Open FIDE Rating
Chess Tournament 2023

Chess Tournament in Dumka (Jh)

06 th TO 10 th December 2023

Total Cash Prize Fund: Rs. 8,15,000/-

Venue : Dumka (Jh)

4th Navin Kumar Sinha Memorial All India Open Rapid Rating
Chess Championship 2024

Chess Tournament in Chaibasa (Jh)

21 st January 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: Rs. 1 Lakhs

Venue : Welfare Center, St. Xavier’s Boys High School, Chaibasa (Jh)

Tata Steel Foundation presents
4th All India Specially-abled FIDE Rated Chess Championship 2024

Chess Tournament in Jamshedpur (Jh)

24th To 28th June 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: Rs. 3,17,000/

Venue :JRD Tata Sports Complex, Jamshedpur (Jh)

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