Haryana Chess Tournament

Haryana Chess Tournament

Upcoming Chess Tournament in Haryana - 2024

Mastering the Game: Chess in Haryana


We will encourage readers to explore the dynamic chess landscape in Haryana. In Haryana chess has transcended being just a game and has become a platform for intellectual development and strategic thinking.

Haryana Chess Association (HCA):

The Haryana Chess Association is the governing body responsible for promoting and organizing chess activities within the state of Haryana. The association coordinates chess tournaments, events, coaching programs, and other initiatives to support the growth of chess among players of all ages and skill levels. We will highlight the role of the Haryana Chess Association in promoting and organizing chess events in the state. Discuss their initiatives, collaborations, and contributions to the chess community. It is affiliated with the All India Chess Federation (AICF). And is responsible for organizing chess tournaments and events, coaching programs and selecting players for state and national-level competitions.

Chess Tournaments and Events:

Haryana hosts various chess tournaments and events at the district, state, and national levels. These tournaments serve as platforms for players to showcase their skills and compete against each other. District-level championships are often organized as stepping stones for players to progress to higher-level competitions.

Chess Clubs and Academies:

We will explore the chess clubs, academies, and training centers in Haryana. We will explain how these institutions play a pivotal role in honing young talents and providing a platform for players to enhance their skills.

Chess in Education:

Chess is recognized for its educational benefits, and some schools in Haryana integrate chess into their curriculum to enhance students’ cognitive abilities. By teaching chess, schools aim to improve students’ critical thinking, concentration, and decision-making skills. Chess is integrated into the educational framework in Haryana. We will highlight schools or programs that emphasize the educational benefits of chess, including improved concentration and critical thinking.

Community Engagement and Outreach:

Chess community increased in Haryana & they are more good performance in international & national level tournament. Chess has positively impacted their lives and contributed to their personal growth.
2nd King on the Board Rapid
Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament in Gurugram, Haryana

02 nd To 03 rd December 2023

Total Cash Prize Fund: 1,25,000/

Venue : Gurugram Global Heights School, sector 102, Gurugram, Haryana

Registration Form :-

1st AFCA International Open
Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2023

Chess Tournament in Faridabad, Haryana

26 th To 27 th January 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: 4 Lakh

Venue : Amrita Hospital Mata Amritanandamayi Marg Sector 88, Faridabad (HR)

google form :-

3rd AFCA Open Rapid Rating
Chess Tournament 2024

Chess Tournament in Sonipat (HR)

13th To 14th April 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: 5 Lakhs

Venue : Amrita Hospital Mata Amritanandamayi Marg Sector 88, Faridabad (HR)

google form :-


Chess Tournament in (HR)

20th To 21st April 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: 5 Lakhs

Venue : RPS International School, Opp. Arcadia Market,Sector 50, Gurugram (HR)

google form :-

1st Emergers International Open FIDE Rapid Rating
Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament in Sonipat (HR)

27th To 28th April 2024

Total Cash Prize Fund: 5 Lakhs

Venue : Orchids – The international School, Bahalgarh, Sonipat (HR)

google form :-

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